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Conflict and Power Struggle in the Workplace

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Maria Frances Sarah Ramos Serundo


Name: Maria Frances Sarah Ramos Serundo
Nickname: Ces
Birthday: April 3, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Birthplace: Cebu City
Favorite Food: Sinigang, Sisig at Menudo!!
Favorite Subject: Math and Science
Favorite Pastime: Matulog, kumain at dumaldal. hehe
Ambition: To be a CPA Lawyer

cEs liit

Being an only child, I grew up with no one to play with but my dad, with my mom at work. I was never a brat.. maybe because I was afraid of my dad and his unpredictable temper! Playing by myself was my hobby, reading colorful books that mama buys for me. Then at 3, I started to go to daycare to socialize. At such an early stage, they observed that I was extemely talkative and sociable. Haha.



fRaNcEs @ 18

i take pride of myself..
i grew up confident, outspoken and smart.. well, that's my mom told me. hehe. I take pride that I grabed prestigious honors and awards as I grew up. My parents are very proud of me. Especially when I passed the UPCAT. It was a dream come true! But alas, Los Baņos was too far. PUP was the one for me, and I never regretted choosing so. (.n_n.)

Organizational Behavior