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Conflict and Power Struggle in the Workplace

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Jemima Rose Anne Lituania Cuevo

-there's something they can't take away from unique identity.....-


me,myself and I

I am the eldest child of Mr. and Mrs. Cuevo..and the eldest grandchild of my grandparents that's why I am a brat and i do always get what I want. I am "supladita" on your first glance but as you really get to know me, you'll say that i am a sweet, loving and amicable gal.I am very noisy but don't worry, it got lotsa sense,,, 


-the strict ATE-

Being the eldest, my siblings find me scrupulous yet naughty.. There are times when i play with them, sing with them and times when i even wrestle them but when those tough times comes, when i already speak, their only choice is to keep quiet and do everything i want them to do. I am more fierce than my mom or my dad so watch out....


-more of me-

i am dancer since i was three,, i remember when i heard that sound of macarena and though i was in the jeepney then,i danced in front of those people whom i don;t know and as a prize for the entertainment i gave them, an old woman gave me 100bucks..they called me "BIBBO" then. I also sing though it's out of tune, i act and i was a member of teatrorotaract and til now, i continue to dance and i serve as the coordinator of JPIA talent center.


-your lovable and loving anne-

see.. i told you, iam not as unkind as you think i am,, i am also sweet and amiable...i am with my man for 19 months now and our relationship is getting stronger,, better..... envy me !!!!

Organizational Behavior